intuitive astrology is the practice of charting the planets to channel information

we posses many intuitive gifts as embodied energetic beings

using these gifts we can access the infinitely vast record of all consciousness to share to create and to heal

we are in the midst of a powerful paradigm shift

eye am here to reflect

eye am here to help empower and inspire the following:

mental physical & spiritual healing

easier decision making

creative inspiration

lifepath guidance

relationship insight

FutureSeed parenting inSight

resources & opportunities

booking a session below creates a great space to ask any questions related to spirituality womb healing fertility etc.

through these unprecedented times of change we are rewriting our stories to create the New Reality together

thank you for your energy

we receive it all as Love

if you have worked with me + would like to give feedback I welcome it here:

client testimonials:

“Very satisfied, would book again! 
The service was provided in a professional and timely manner. Riley is very knowledgeable, but my favorite part of the experience was how much heart she put into my session. She took the time to explain everything in a way I would understand, and all of what she shared with me was aligned with what I needed to hear at this point in my journey. I am very grateful for her gifts and how she chooses to share them with us, her clients. I highly recommend scheduling a session with her if you are interested in learning more about yourself, your path or are seeking clear communication from Source.”


My sessions with Riley have been some of my favorite intuitive readings! She is so heart centered and clear. I love the way she communicates through beautiful metaphor and poetry and holds space for my questions like an old friend. I feel empowered in who I know myself to be and appreciate Riley’s reflections and confirmations and just absolutely beautiful spirit. She’s so supportive and a wonderful person to talk to about the stars and art and ascension. Deeply grateful!


My session with Riley was an interaction filled with beautiful energy, light and knowledge. She opened the space up with grace and I could feel the sincerity of her intentions and insight. The information she had channeled from the Divine was very impactful and resonated deeply with all that I’ve experienced thus far in my journey of life as well as what I’m currently struggling with. Riley has put in tremendous healing work into her own journey which translates so beautifully into her healing work. When it comes to choosing a healer, Riley is one that I trust with my mind, body and soul. I sincerely recommend her. Thank you Riley!


Everyone needs an astrologer in their life, but Riley is my GO TO. Not only is she very knowledgeable in her field, she is also an extremely intuitive, gifted guide and healer. She’s very thoughtful and caring in her delivery and timely messages. She’s there for you whether you’re curious to know more about your chart, or go deeper into when it is the right time to take action or make a calculated decisions. Extremely dedicated to her practice and being of service to the collective, I’m truly grateful for her beautiful divine presence, who offers and shares her wisdom with so much love and grace.


Around the same time I first met Riley I started to feel a shift within me. I didn’t know it was a shift at the time, I just felt lost. The decision to learn about my birth chart from Riley for the first time is one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my life. The reason I truly believe this is because I spent 34 years accepting how society defined me,  it was time to get the universal picture of who I am as a person trying to live in this world


to say im a satisfied client is an understatement. just following and knowing Riley even somewhat creatively is a blessing in itself, and when she began offering this service I was excited for her family, and myself, but most importantly the universe as the timing for this could not be better. for a creative this service is under valued and under rated, im ready to pay for a years worth im so spiritually enriched by this service. a happy client is an understatement!


I can’t recommend this reading enough. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but by the time our session was over I knew I made the right choice to try it out. The information Riley gave to me about my chart helped me identify some of the problem areas in my life. Not only that, but she graciously gave me tools and ideas on how to go about handling these areas. She always made me feel comfortable and that I could trust her without any judgement. This was my first time doing something like this and I couldn’t be more happy to have her guide me through it all!


My session with Riley was nothing short of magic. She grabbed my hand and we dove into my chart and how the current planetary aspects were effecting me and my place in the collective. She offered kind and constructive guidance that I have put into action every day since our session. Much more than this, Riley’s heart and fearless expression of her intuition is what shifted me the most. She tuned into me and reflected back what I had not been open to receive before. She did so with such warmth that I was moved to tears after our session. I felt like I had reunited with an old friend I had not connected with in lifetimes. Riley is a natural listener and a born healer. Her gifts have had a profound impact on my personal experience and I am forever deeply grateful for her service on this earth. She embraces her purpose with incredible grace. I recommend Riley to everyone seeking deeper insight into how the cosmos are working for you, how you can work with them, and how you can grow into deeper union with your most authentic self.  ♥️


Riley did my first chart reading —ever, and I was so amazed with how much of what she discussed aligned with my current and past situations. While I am still learning more about myself and what chart readings are/relate to my life, I’m happy Riley was able to listen, analyze, and help me unpack!

Life is so multi-layered, and someone as dedicated as Riley is out here offering heart work!!  She comes with research, resources, and personal experiences, all of which are important!! (I am detail oriented and ask many questions LOL)

If you’re looking to understand astrology more, I highly recommend Riley as she can adapt to people of all levels of understanding with chart readings. 

P.S. come with questions!!


My time with Riley was as if we shifted into another dimension, we did. She gifted so much clarity on exactly what I was going through at the exact time we were able to have a session together. I was new to astrology but because of the way she so eloquently explained everything to me it has sparked a deep intrigue to learn and dive deeper into the beauty of astrology. Riley’s intuition was spot on and she shared with me just what I needed to move forward at a time where I felt split with my life purpose. I’m so grateful for her sharing her gifts!


eye am deeply humbled to be in service during this beautiful time of healing on Earth



thank you for choosing me

in gratitude,