doula services

postpartum support*:

a postpartum doula is a birth support person who is trained to assist birthing people + families in the postpartum period (~3 months after birth) / to include supporting + advocating thru abortion & loss 🙏🏾

eye believe that holistic + intentional postpartum support creates more intentionally Loving space for a Birthing person / family to feel empowered in their new roles

the postpartum healing journey is a sacred and powerful Time

we are reclaiming our ancient & futuristic ways in perfect Timing

this Shift requires intentional movement & communal support

as your postpartum doula eye can (not limited to the following):

  • offer emotional support and reassurance
  • support with detailed planning
  • offer evidence based resources
  • offer breast/chest feeding assistance
  • light cleaning
  • light baby/ Self care
  • make short errands
  • attend appointments / caregiving visits
  • facilitate communication / boundaries with Birth team
  • conjure herbal remedies + blends
  • refer to an active Knowledgeable and diverse Birthwork community

*this service is available virtually – with some alterations (given the current climate: sanitation / socially distant boundaries can be built together & will be honored with respect) 

space clearing support*:

eye am able to offer energetic clearing and programming support for birthing people and their families

eye have trained in the Southern Tradition + walk with many years of professional metaphysical / ‘formal education’ related experience(s)

throughout this journey we go through many dense multidimensional shifts that can release stagnant energy into the spaces that we occupy

by intentionally moving this energy eye am able to facilitate in creating more space for more Light comfort and connection on your Path

eye offer a range of clearing practices from personalized + astrologically aligned smoke blends to sound healing / clearing

*this service can be offered virtually – with some limitations

please inquire within for further details

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