herbal blends ☾

to order custom herbal blends from 11N4NN44:

(please read carefully as our Time is precious)

Spirit is calling me into another new moment of servitude but

eye am being asked to be extremely mindful patient and intentional about how eye am to share this medicine

it is increasingly important to retain the sanctity of the Knowledge and Divinity that these flowers and herbs possess

each were grown and cultivated in LBC, CA with Wisdom and care

custom blends are made in my Home in ceremony with nurturing intention

the more information provided on the order form below – the deeper eye am able to dive into my gifts via astrology + remote energy healing + creative Loving intention

each order comes with a deep reverence and respect for every leaf petal and seed

every hand in harvesting trimming drying

package will include:

  • handwritten pre-ceremony notes + intentions + information on herbs & crystals used
  • personalized herbal blend* for use as a yoni steam + tea + baño + candle dressing + etc. (specific weight depends order – ~>.5 oz)
  • reusable + compostable plant cellulose bags for steeping
  • energy exchange – $19.99 shipped 🚀 (please reach out about international shipping)

*herbal blend ingredients: intentionally charged flowers + herbs grown by master gardener in LBC, CA

eye am deeply moved by the healing eye have found in my own Body and Life (especially in this sacred postpartum chapter) and eye am humbled to share with All of those who may See + need me at this Time

may eye continue to move at the natural rhythm with the support of my community

may eye remain an eager open Hearted Student

thank you for choosing me

& so it is




Spirit has no agenda

Be Here Now !