riley the doula

the thing about (re)Birthing is

it is a transformation that happens in the dark – at least in the natural rhythm

if allowed

Birthing people tend to seek isolated shelter

in the cover of the night their magic can Be done undisturbed

under the MoonLight

twisted faces are made in alchemical mastery

and as the Sun rises

a New one emerges

made crystalline out of carbon

breathing down into the soil calls upon the Great Mother and each of the Souls of Her lost children

a moment of contraction is preparation for expansion

as the waves begin to break in real Time

acceleration happens exponentially

past the point of any return to a Life of Knowing

breathing into the fire calls on the God(dess) in Change

in separation the sacred is Seen

transition reveals

the Truth eclipses

breathing into the water calls forth the purification of Life

the maiden is cleansed of Her youth

forced into a new Reality from within two Bodies

breathing with the cosmic wind

emBodying multitudes without words

humming into the Heart of the Divine Mother

as She imprints upon the Earth a boundless unconditional Love

a willingness to meet Death

and a fearless ability to confront all that is not real

in the name of

all that is.

at this point I feel I have said all that I can say

I have illuminated the Path at the continued expense of mySelf

my health

my sanity

I have danced on the stage through every act

hoping the visibility and applause might fill the void before Samadhi

in (re)Birthing mySelf I give Life

in my own public dying and Self ressurection

I create and Change worlds

the Hermit


Lighting the way for others

ultimately ending up alone

in Samadhi

perhaps the only place I will feel entirely Seen


in the extraterrestrial community of my angels

eternal rest

in Serving this dying world

and finding the courage to hope into the next one

I have earned my Freedom

at long last

there are no more words to write

no more songs to sing

we enter a place of Self governing

I release the illusion of acceptance

the allure of the standing ovations

the entrapment of visibility

I refuse to Be in Service

to the people who will clap me on over the cliff

just to say

“I was there”


by taking on the title of a doula

I Knowingly enslaved mySelf

to the responsibility of seeding the Future

and now

as it begins to sprout out of the bloody soil

I emBody wisdom

in silence



liminal womblike space(s)

moving only when God(dess) calls

wanting only what She wants for me

in preservation

and immortal



so if you catch me dreaming

please don’t wake me until I am done

just leave me sleeping

until the morning comes

pass me over

make believe that I am not there

just leave me Be

until the savior comes

thank you for releasing me

& so it is.


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