Solar ☉return offering:

thank you for celebrating me

this is a magical Solar + Venus + Mercury return

I have arrived and

I am very excited to share this Heart Lift oil that I have Been Solar infusing over the last month 🌞🌿

my work is for Black and Indigenous Bodies

@ allies please Be mindful when considering this limited sacred offering

☉08/24 ♀︎999 ☿

the intention of this offering comes out of an alchemical process I have Been sitting thru mySelf at the end of a 15 month breastfeeding journey + as a reflection of my current Solar + Venusian + Mercurial returns

this oil is for anyBody who may Be overwhelmed by grief + for those who may Be pre/post op + for those who are breast/chest feeding + or for those who are looking to add to their Self care ritual(s) + maintain a protective openness and softness of the Heartspace…

the Heart Lift oil has an organic extra virgin Olive oil base + charged with Rose quartz

Olive oil is rich in polyphenols which are plant-based substances that help to reduce inflammation

Olive branch is often extended to ones enemies but

this is an extended offering to the Self

as we have no enemies

when applied to the skin polyphenols protect against premature aging + Sun damage + and rapidly heal abrasions / cracked nipples / acne / firms + tones the skin

*as our first line of immune defense the skin is an organ worth pouring into*

Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants (esp vitamin E).

antioxidants help to protect the Body from free radicals that cause cellular damage & “cancer”

the routine of applying the Heart Lift oil moves stagnant lymph and energy

to reconnect with the tissues of the chest + to remain aware of any changes

the Heart Lift oil helps to facilitate the transmutation of grief held in the lungs (Mercury) and insecurity about the chest/breast (Venus) + low feelings of Self worth + to practice Self Love as a radical & revolutionary act

the Solar (Sun) infusion brings Divinely Masculine energy to a Divinely Feminine conjuring and process creating an intentional balance

herbs like Yarrow and flowers like Rose have deeply impacted my protective and nurturing abilities throughout the many recent transitions we have endured

Jasmine is also included in this alchemical process to bring a fertile and Loving connection to the Heartspace

working with Frankincense hydrosol resin & oil to smoke cleanse + anoint + protect the auric field has brought peace and comfort to my family and I

the Heart Lift oil is anointed with Frankincense (+other herbs and tings)

& Solar infused at one of our family altars

< the exchange rate for this birthday offering is $24 shipped >

to purchase this Solar return gift:

how to work with this offering:

set an personalized intention + hold it in your mind / Heart while anointing your Heartspace with the Heart Lift oil

*applying heat to the chest / breast area via shower and/or hot compress helps to prepare the skin / lymph for massage

this diagram provides some examples:

close this ritual by grounding into the Body and space with the breath + awareness of Self care + Self touch as a revolutionary healing act

thank you for celebrating me