an alchemical ascension ☉ chakra study

we are refocusing our healing on the

*3 lower chakras*

to collectively escape survival mode + maintain a grounded balance with our exponentially increasing conscious awarenesses

we must root to rise & we must actively + intentionally create space for our Blessings to align with us

by returning to ancient alchemical practices

we are Freeing ourselves from trauma multidimensionally

this is a Mind + Body + Spirit revolution

this is the Rising of-

this is The Divine Feminine

healing is for Women in need-

womb having or not

eye am relearning the softest parts of my identity & Seeing them reflected back to me in tangible form

sprouting before me from the Earth !

we are so lucky to Be Here Now

and eye want to Remember what it feels like to touch the soil +

to answer the questions that my Loved ones may have for me

as the Medicine Womxn that my Love has made of me

eye am here

in my ways

like smoke

& so it is


1 ROOT CHAKRA – 062a7b0977a4a3d5bc8c3ad355600eb7-root-chakra-symbol-by-vexels

mantra: EYE AM

9 ♂ color: RED

safety + grounding + emotional / physical foundation

legs feet immune system adrenals

harmonized: motivation stability energy willpower good health ability to enjoy stillness and comfort

deficient: angry unmotivated selfish not feeling @ Home anywhere eating / digestive disorder fight or flight survival instinct lack based mentality / programming fear of loss / change



Rosemary • Mugwort • Motherwort 

TEA 🍵 nettles dandelion elderberry

ADAPTOGENS 🍄 ashwaganda* chaga reishi





2 SACRAL CHAKRA – b9cc69cafcfa6f60abff48a0c4164720-sacral-chakra-symbol-by-vexels

mantra: EYE FEEL

6 ♀ color: ORANGE

creativity sexuality joy self worth passion

sex organs kidneys digestive system bodily fluids

harmonized: passionate sensual humility open expression and healthy communication 

deficient: PMS creative blockages sexual dysfunction power hungry drive by cravings/addictions + boundaries issues lead to guilt shyness and overly giving to others 

HERBS 🌿3fb4abd48defda5194534ac4bbea8a2f--shiatsu-acupuncture

Calendula• Roses• Yarrow* 

TEA 🍵 chamomile mint damiana

ADAPTOGENS 🍄 maca ashwaganda 





3 SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – cd6be6867abe6fb673bf7dd7a588422f-solar-plexus-chakra-symbol-by-vexels

mantra: EYE DO 

2 color: YELLOW

personal strength respect for others ego identity

stomach digestion

harmonized: trusting of gut feeling creatively expresses Self to the world is able to share without greed and takes accountability of actions respects authority / elders 

deficient: narcissistic egotistical passive aggressive issues with structure / authority anger and intolerance of others victim mindset + unable to take accountability for actions 

HERBS 🌿 b9aae4a8e6b88e3fff4004bd01f79438

Red Raspberry Leaf •

TEA 🍵 lemon ginger turmeric cinnamon + oat milk

ADAPTOGENS 🍄 : holy basil cordyceps 







the ancient practice of steaming the vaginal (yoni) area with sacred combinations of herbs + often healing crystals + other Divinely Feminine space making/holding rituals

during the process the womxn sits on a special stool or squats / hovers over a basin of herbs in order to absorb the nutritional + medicinal + energetic properties via the most sacred portal


  • general self pampering / womb wellness practice
  • to create more hormonal balance (especially when trying to conceive + when detoxing from birth control + postpartum)
  • after a breakup / sexual partner
  • to heal emotional and/or physical pain & trauma
  • experiencing pH imbalance + dryness
  • feeling a lack of confidence creativity passion
  •  experiencing extreme PMS symptoms + heavy / painful / irregular Moon cycles
  • looking to cleanse detoxify release realign from the inside out – inward & upward
  • seeking spiritual detox / clarity


in the world: search to discover many Korean spas + holistic wellness centers + other specialty spas are now offering herbal “V steams” classes groups and certification courses to connect with others through sacred healing (pls practice discernment when ordering products + read all ingredients)

@ home: create a sacred space with your favorite spiritual + sensory experiences where you can remain uninterrupted for the duration the process


  • to reconnect with sacred plant magic + to Remember + reawaken through this active & ongoing paradigm Shift
  • to heal into the past & into the future to create the New Reality Now
  • to activate mitochondrial DNA memories + actualize the ancestral healing legacies of Love passed onto each of us from the original Divine Mother



  1. do a bit of intuitive research to select the appropriate herbs for your needs + visit your local botanica / apothecary / herbalist / garden
  2. honor + give thanks to Gaia and Her plants for coming into your Reality to heal
  3. smudge Self & create a sacred space to conjure / combine blend ~1.5 cups medicine
  4. boil ~2 quarts of clean charged water
  5. add herbal blend
  6. cover and reduce heat to simmer / steep for ~9-13 minutes
  7. allow steam to reach comfortable temperature & pour into desired basin or move to desired steaming location IMG_1152
  8. wear socks and a long skirt or blanket to wrap keep warm + trap energy & steam as you sit / squat over the basin
  9. enjoy for as long as comfortable (9 minutes-1hour *use warmer or reheat as needed)
  10. hydrate generously before + during + after session to continue to detox and maintain hydration
  11. move with ease and grace afterward – find rest + relaxation for ~44 minutes to come into the restorative effects of your Self pampering

*Lovingly dispose of the herbs and water outside & give Thanks to Gaia for providing the tools to heal ourSelves

may eye remain a humble steward of our Earth Mother at this most fragile and final moment

there are many lessons to be learned from the sentient Lifeforms we have cohabited with through these Earthly incarnations

we share many memories we have experienced so much pain

may this Knowledge remain sacred vibrant and Truthful

eye understand and Honor the sense of urgency that may be a natural result of our collective awakening and

eye surrender now to the perfection and divinity of this Reality

eye ask for continued guidance to remain an ancient futuristic conduit of cocreation in the New

& so it is












resources + further reading: