he said the circles of manifestation are smaller now

and the rest of the conversation happened elsewhere

sometimes you have moments that are more tapped in than others and you can use those ones as a gauge for the other ones that seem too human to deal with daily

those are the moments that we live for

if these are last incarnations

and everything i have written publicly and conjured privately matters more each moment

time dates and numbers sending more messages than ever

traveling faster farther and easier now

feeling things deeper and more intentionally than ever

acknowledging soulmates for their contributions to these moments of awakening

for every rung in the twisted ladder matters very very greatly

the order the timing

the erasure of any information a desecration to a sacred code

a string of memories that could wrap mother earth 350x

one dot in an exponentially expanding sea of others

to be made up of countless other dots

to know them all to master them all to be them all

to move freely thru this sea of others

to find the ones that eye must

and carry out the duties programmed for me

because all of this is all we have

i am that i am

and this is all there is

fear is an equally manipulated program that can (and must) be beat

it is how they will find you

your unstable stench a beacon in any dimension

alignment will keep you alive

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